Manalapan Police Department

Manalapan Township, New Jersey


The goal of the Manalapan Township hiring and recruitment policy is to establish a fair and consistent process for recruiting and selecting the most qualified candidates for employment. This process will include a mechanism to maximize the ethnic, gender, and racial composition of the police department staff so that it better represents the demographic composition of the Township of Manalapan.

The Manalapan Township Police Department will select the most qualified candidates for employment. The selection process is generally acknowledged as a key event in the operational effectiveness of our agency. The Manalapan Township Police Department will attempt to identify and recruit individuals who best possess the proper attitude along with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to be an effective, respected member of our agency. All of the Manalapan Township Police Department's recruitment efforts will comply with the requirements set forth in prevailing law and those requirements established by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Postings about any future vacancies or hiring announcements can be found here on our website and our social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. Any questions regarding our hiring process can be directed to our recruitment officer, Sergeant Robert Herring at 732-446-8390 or by email at

Manalapan Police Department Recruitment Plan 2024