Manalapan Police Department

Manalapan Township, New Jersey


The Manalapan Township Police Department will only offer fingerprinting services to the residents of Manalapan Township who are applying for or are currently a public safety volunteer that will be serving on one of the volunteer emergency service departments within Manalapan Township or for residents who need to be fingerprinted for employment background or professional licensing. The resident must provide their own fingerprint cards for the process.

All firearms licensing fingerprinting and other licensing such as raffles or vending will be directed to “IdentoGo”. IdentoGo is a private vendor licensed by the state of new jersey for that specific purpose, and can be located on the internet at

For applicants who are applying for township licensing other than firearms, who have been fingerprinted within the last twentyfour months, and can provide written documentation information, must respond to the police department for a case number. Once the applicant is assigned a case number, they will be directed to the following link: Once the applicant completes the online process, their record check will be returned electronically back to the police department, to complete the background process.

In order to be fingerprinted for firearms click on the Firearms Permit tab to the left and follow the instructions in for that section.

For any additonal criminal history background questions, please visit the following New Jersey State Police link: