Manalapan Police Department

Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Uniformed Patrol Bureau

The Uniformed Patrol Bureau falls under the Operations Division and is the largest bureau in the organization. They respond to any citizen request for police assistance.

The Patrol Bureau has two platoons which allows the agency to staff the patrol function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The platoons are each commanded by supervisors within the organization who collectively provide supervision for each of the platoons. The platoons are comprised of professional men and women who are responsible for carrying out the mission of the department and interacting with the public each day.

Watch Commander

The Patrol Bureau is supervised by Lieutenant Peter Chalfin, Lieutenant Kevin Dobbin, and Lieutenant Thomas Mantle. The Watch Commanders can be reached by phone at 732-446-8390.

Day Shift Platoon

The day shift platoon is supervised by Sergeant Margaret Freeman, Sergeant Richard Gallo, Sergeant Robert Herring, and Sergeant Daniel Carey. You can email the dayshift Sergeants by contacting Sergeant Freeman at [email protected]

Night Shift

The night shift platoon is supervised by Sergeant Kevin McIntosh, Sergeant Jared Aronson, Sergeant Kenneth Mikulik, and Sergeant Robert Kelly. You can email the night shift Sergeants by by contacting Sergeant Mikulik at

All of the Patrol Sergeants can be reached directly by phone at 732-446-8391 by leaving a viocemail at that number, or by using the dial by name directory.