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SART Volunteer Recruitment

The Manalapan Township Police Department is proud to work with and serve our community to reduce crime and mitigate the fear of crime. We strive to provide the finest law enforcement services to our residents, businesses, vendors, and visiting population. In that interest, we value your feedback and offer you the opportunity to directly contact our command staff by using the Submit Departmental Feedback link in the sidebar - your comments and feedback will be anonymous unless you desire to include contact information. We, the Manalapan Township Police Department, value your comments and we thank you for taking the time to visit our website and provide us with your sentiments.

Domestic violence and sexual assault do not just stop because of a crisis like the one we are currently facing. In fact, when family stressors increase, violence and abuse can quickly escalate. It is these very trying times that a survivor needs 180 even more; and we are determined to be there for anyone who needs our services. We are making a few temporary shifts to some of our services, but we are operational. Please call our 24/7 Confidential Domestic Violence Hotline: 888-843-9262 or follow this link to learn more:

Volunteers Needed Information Sheet